Is innovation always incremental?

A recent study published on Organizational Science and pointed out on a Fast Company article by the title “Unexpected lessons about innovation from Formula One teams”┬ástresses that even the fast paced changing Formula One world shows that effective innovation is the one implemented in an incremental way.


There are many factors that influence directly innovation in Formula One: regulations, technologies, financials boundaries, yet the drive to performance needs to be focused and streamlined and a study points out that the incremental application of original know-how is the most effective one. When we think about innovation (products or services solving problems or being effectively embraced by markets) we need to observe that tracing back its roots we realise that truly it is always an incremental process, a process that at times can be accelerated by technologies or fast developing know-how, yet central key roots remain set in place.

Indexes and most innovative countries…


This is a well organised and meaningful infographic, yet, arguably one aspects could be missing within this tracking system (focusing on patents, trademarks and industrial design): there is a wide variety of innovation with concrete market relevance that is not tracked because of cultural and traditional traits that not focus on the formal parameters utilised. Is this the reason why there are countries that apparently should be much higher on this scale because of their evident history of creativity and are not? (Italy among some of them)