Synergy Pathways, Spring 2024 action time in Italy: several business development meetings for Samit and Riccardo

Samit has traveled to Italy from March 23rd through April 4th and we have been having several meetings in various geographical areas of Italy on business projects linking India to Italy at several stages of development. The current fields we are working relate to: aerospace, automotive, aviation, broadcasting technologies, defence, food specialties, motorsport, telecommunication, radio frequencies.

On our LinkedIn and socials more in depth news on each specific development.

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Riccardo Paterni coordinates RPM Motorsport Network 1st 2024 General Meeting

The first RPM general meeting of 2024 took place at our operational headquarters in Bologna (Casa Promotec) in the Imola room around a large oval table with the aim of stimulating more and more open and constructive dialogue on the topics on the agenda. Companies represented in attendance: Andreoli, Aviorace, Dino Paoli, Phasep, GMA, Kaiti Expansion, Quattro Emme, Merin, MindUP, Novac, Pistal Racing, Synergy Pathways. Companies represented in remote connection: Tatuus, Autotecnica, Revenge Engineering.

New companies in RPM   

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