The Ruote Classiche Club in Prato is vey active in organizing unforgettable events with key protagonist of the Italian and international motorsport scene, events that unmistakably go to the roots of traditional motorsport values of talent, growth, commitment and continuous improvement.  On May 19th the event has seen as protagonist of the evening Thierry Boutsen: 164 F1 World Championship Gran Prix, 3 F1 wins, 15 F1 podiums.

He also raced in many other categories in Europe and also the USA showing a remarkable versatility and winning in any category he has raced.  His career is truly unique because he started racing late (18 years old, he had to wait for a driving license first) and coming from a small country (Belgium) he never had solid financial backing. Nevertheless he always made the best of what he actually had appreciating the fact that from such humble beginning racing for 10 years (1983-1993) in F1 has been already a key achievement.

Data shows that he could have have achieved much more in his F1 career given he had more support financial or technical support yet he does not regret anything: Boutsen has a winning mentality, focusing on the positive side and appreciating than anything is ‘character building’. Even luck is not a factor to him, luck is just a matter of opportunities passing by and simply being ready to catch them. No doubt he has been utilizing this mindset to achieve results not only in motorsport but also in the florid career in executive aviation he has undertaken as an entrepreneur since many years. It has been a pleasure to listen to him talking about grit, determination, his very close friendship with Senna (beyond racing) with his unmistakable sense of flair and elegance.

We spoke about the fact that a book about his career and approach to life would be well worth it, he keeps being too busy to focus on it right now, but eventually he will also get this goal done to the benefit of many people that will have the opportunity to appreciate the the timeless wisdom of a man besides the achievements and talent of the race driver.