Synergy Pathways begins TS2 Engineering internationalization project towards India

Riccardo has visited TS2 Engineering headquarters in Orvieto meeting the founders, the management team and visiting overall operations. The project entails a market feasibility study relevant to several areas of development in India for TS2 Engineering products and services.
Targeted business development actions will follow the feasibility study. The project will benefit from the network of high level widespread connections that Synergy Pathways has been developing throughout the years in the industrial, telecommunication, defence and biomedical fields throughout India. 

Conference: focus on human performance, the sport psychology perspective

Together with MindUP – Enhancement Psychology colleagues Lorenzo Baldassarri and Andrea Giammaria, Riccardo attended a conference regarding the improvement of human performance in sport through applied psychological models and methods. Key current experts of the field have illustrated the latest applied research. It is a fascinating field in which we are set to introduce and assert the development of MindUP – Enhancement Psychology in Motorsport where since years we have developed models, methods and experiences.

MindUP – Enhancement Psychology: Integrated Mental Training in motorsport focused on performance and driven by data for the enhancement of individual skills

MindUP – Enhancement Psychology is a mental training project developed and promoted by Synergy Pathways, member of Rpm Motorsport Network. We collect biometric data while the performance is in progress in order to develop an evaluation of the driver to identify the improvement areas to be optimized and the critical areas to be strengthen. The improvement program provides a personalized approach for the driver in order to enhance, maintain over time en constantly improve performance; at the same time we pay particular attention to preserving the psychophysical well-being of the athlete.

We recently implemented our Enhancement Psychology program for gentlemen drivers. We integrated the MindUP protocol with the advanced and innovative biometric and telemetry data detection software developed and provided by another member of RPM: Redway Technologies & Communication in their professional simulation center in Padua as shown in the pictures.

It was a day of intense and fun training that led all participants to concretely identify and begin to act on the fundamental factors for improving their performance: the Basic Functioning of the athlete personality.

This is an example of unique innovative projects that can be developed by the integration of unique competencies and experiences present in RPM Motorsport Network.

MindUP and the organizational perspective in Reinova

The MindUp program in Reinova has reached the evolutionary level of organizational dimension, the functional aspect of Enhancement Psychology is applied to an organizational perspective as a living and dynamic entity in itself.

It is an innovative way to frame, develop and evolve in a balanced way individual and group factors that affect the dynamic interplay between performance and sustainability (ensure that consistent active improvement of performance is sustainable over time). This is particularly interesting in Reinova’s extremely dynamic, evolutionary and customer service centered context.