Is the Global Innovation Index actually measuring innovation?

The report relevant to the 2015 Global Index Innovation has been recently published and, as always, it is quite revealing of human, societal and economic trends that ease and stimulate the expression of new ideas and solutions freeing-up expressions of creativity and at the same time reducing or eliminating barriers to such expression.


There overall index is generated by innovation input factors and innovation output ones. They spread throughout an entire array of factors that directly or indirectly have the power to boost or restrain that expression of creativity.


First of all, in my opinion, it needs to be pointed out that what this index measures does not fully represent what concrete innovation is in itself (an expression of creativity that solves problems effectively and/or finds affirmation on markets); rather it seem to focus on identifying an overall ecosystem that fosters the conception and development of creativity almost as an end in itself. This is a perspective that in my opinion requires further debate involving people that in actual practical terms are on the frontline to solve problems, generate effective business opportunities and/or take advantage at best of them.

The speed of change fuelled by innovation

No matter what kind change is happening around us, it is fuelled by many different sources: technological, business development, societal, overall economic and financial and certainly also regulatory. We need to become part of this flow of change by anticipating it, synchronising with it, stimulating it in order to benefit at best from the opportunities it generates (if we are able to look at it from many perspectives) and managing at best the solutions it requires.


The focus on innovation development and processes represents the power of the speed we need to reach. How to reach it depends from many of the different variables that fuel change itself, yet the a mindset shift and development often represents the key aspect to that speed of change we are  able to reach and handle. This article gives some interesting perspectives on these factors.