Riccardo Paterni at the directing board of MotorsportNext event pre-production

Interesting experience while working on the pre-production of MotorsportNext Innovation and Technology Transfer Global Forum that will go in streaming on June30th.

A learning experience while being at the directing board (representing RPM network) and working with a focused group of professionals from Autopromotec, Federica Masolin (Sky F1 Italy) and Tim Angus (Synergy Pathways associate).

It will be a forum featuring unique contents that markedly highlight, through applied case studies, the relevance of Motorsport industry’s engineering, organisation and mindset to develop innovation also for many other fields: aviation, aerospace, marine, biomedical, micromobility.

A cannot miss! Stay tuned ….

Riccardo Paterni becomes Fligby Certified Facilitator

FLIGBY® (abbr. for “FLOW is Good Business for You™”) is the ultimate award-winning online Leadership Development Simulation.

This is the official Flow-program for decision-makers by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and ALEAS Simulations. FLIGBY’s leadership development program combines video-game learning experience  with benchmark-based competence assessment.

FLIGBY makes you prove your worth as a leader. In the Game, you become the General Manager (GM) of a fine Californian Vineyard. Your goal is to make “Turul Winery” a high-performing business and a great place to work. With FLIGBY we want to show decision-makers how to foster Flow and use its psychic energy to enhance the happiness of their employees, customers, stakeholders and even themselves.

Riccardo has been certified through a program developed by CAPOLEADER the organisation that has introduced and manages FLIGBY projects in Italy.

Synergy Pathways will participate to Motorsport Next Industry Innovation and Technology Transfer Global Forum

As Synergy Pathways we have been among the founders of RPM network, founded in Modena in 2019 with the vision “To establish an influential business network with global reach for Italian SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) working in motorsport promoting and enhancing Made in Italy engineering excellence.”

We are proud to realise that our efforts within RPM have contributed to inspire and define a relevant international event recently officially announced: MOTORSPORT NEXT. Industry Innovation and Technology Transfer global forum (digital edition). The event totally matches RPM vision, mission and values that we have actively contributed to shape, enabling the network to be an active partner in creating synergies and cooperation among several organisations having the common goal to enhance internationally the Made in Italy of the Motorsport Industry (and relegated technological fields).

The event will take place on June 30th 2021 as the only B2B international event of Motorvalley Fest. Synergy Pathways will participate directly to the event along with other RPM members.

Our associate Tim Angus will be the co-presenter of the event along with Federica Masolin (Sky F1 Italy), our co-founder Samit Naik will present a technology transfer case study as Managing Director of Tankonia, the Indian affiliate of Merin SRL.

We have an active part in supporting technology transfer and internationalisation processes for companies that are leveraging know how developed in motorsport in other industries.

MindUp – Enhancement Psychology project logo is launched!

During the last few years we have been working with our friend and colleague Dr. Lorenzo Baldassarri in designing a new project that is set to innovate the way we perceive and drive improvement of mental performance through the Enhancement Psychology protocol that Lorenzo has elaborated and fine tuned through his work with professional racing drivers. The project is entirely data driven in its assessment analysis and monitoring to track progressive improvement and development.

The project is set to add concrete value to human performance within motorsport and also within any profession that requires a high level of focus and the need to maximise competences to manage nowadays complex and ever fluctuating decision making in operational and strategic processes.

Follow the developments and features of the program at www.mindup.live . Stay tuned…

Riccardo Paterni and Lorenzo Baldassarri lead sessions on Stress Management at University of Pisa Master

The University of Pisa features a Master “Commissioning Management or Renewable Power Plants” organised for global Enel Green Power Managers and coordinated by Quinn Consortium.

Specifically the program features the participation of Enel Renewable Energy Commissioning Managers from several parts of the world and Riccardo has involved his colleague Dr. Lorenzo Baldassarri in teaching  two sessions relevant to the topic Managing Stress / Risk Situations.

Lorenzo is a specialist of the field and together they are shaping up a new project on this topic that will be announced during the next few days. Lorenzo has developed an innovative protocol developed and tested within one of the highest stress and risk environments of all: motorsport racing.

Stay tuned …

Riccardo addresses current international business development in India at University of Pisa Conference

The University of Pisa interdisciplinary centre for research, development and training CAFRE features focuses on international business development in several areas of the world. Today the focus is on Middle Est – India and South Est Asia.

Riccardo participates to the forum along with other professors, researchers. entrepreneurs, managers highlighting key aspects relevant to current international business development in India focusing on opportunities for Small to Midsize Enterprises.








At this link the relevant slides.

Synergy Pathways collaborating with CAPOLEADER to bring Flow in individual and organizational performance development through FLIGBY: leadership simulation game

Synergy Pathways has always been committed to stimulate individual and organizational growth in innovative effective ways. We have come to discover and appreciate the effectiveness of the Leadership Simulation Game Fligby thanks to Stefano Selvini, founder of CapoLeader, that has introduced the tool in Italy in 2020. 

The simulator offers an involving, entertaining, one-of-kind experience to gain awareness about oneself leadership and relational strengths and aspects to improve along with representing a powerful tool to obtain objective, non intrusive, feedback for improvement and growth.

The entire simulation is based on the classic far reaching theory of FLOW developed by Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi whom has directly collaborated with the company that has developed the simulator: Aleas Simulation Inc. based in Los Angeles – California. 

Fligby has been utilised by leaders, entrepreneurs and managers during the last ten years on a global scale, many global corporations are relying on this tool for consistent performance improvement. 

Riccardo Paterni, from Synergy Pathways, is in the process of acquiring a Certification as Fligby Facilitator and Ambassador through a program offered by CapoLeader. 

Synergy Pathways and CapoLeader as committed to collaborate actively in order to spread awareness and innovative utilisation of this powerful tool for lasting individual and organizational performance improvement. 

Synergy Pathways and Redway Technologies shaping motorsport driven innovation in human performance improvement

Motorsport is a concrete source of innovation in many fields; Synergy Pathways and Redway Technologies (members of the RPM network) are utilising motorsport based simulator technologies to shape up a unique program to improve performance of racing drivers, athletes and individuals that wish to: increase their level of concentration, manage effectively stress and utilise at best their skills under pressure. The program objectivity driven leveraging on synergic analysis interplay of simulator and human biometric data sources. Riccardo has visited Redway Technologies new center in Padua. Stay tuned for further details and project developments.









In Padua we also visited another special place where the technical motorsport culture is active from an inspiring historic perspective. This too is part of the developing project.

Identità aziendale: leva alla crescita organizzativa e individuale

L’attuale pandemia ha reso il contesto di qualsiasi azienda sempre più incerto e caratterizzato dal cambiamento: dover costantemente monitorare e far evolvere modelli di business, sia da un punto di vista strategico che operativo, è divenuta un’attività con cui tutti noi, in vari ruoli aziendali, ci stiamo misurando.

Di fronte al moltiplicarsi di fattori che portano incertezza e cambiamento è fondamentale avere in azienda elementi di riferimento forti che rappresentino ancoraggi stabili su cui basare sopravvivenza e crescita.

Questi ancoraggi si basano sull’identità, sull’essenza dell’azienda, che deve essere caratterizzata da tre fattori chiave: il perché (la visione aziendale), il che cosa (la missione aziendale) ed il come (i principi guida comportamentali alla base dell’azienda). Questi fattori sono tradizionalmente associati a contesti di marketing e comunicazione, ma in realtà quando emergono concretamente dal dentro, dalle radici del progetto aziendale, vanno ben oltre questa funzione e hanno il potenziale per formare quelle basi di ancoraggio da cui gestire e sfruttare a proprio vantaggio il cambiamento.

I fattori dell’identità aziendale

Il perché riguarda la ragione del progetto, una visione ampia che definisce lo scopo ultimo che caratterizza l’essenza dell’azienda: come l’azienda crea valore nel contesto di mercato e sociale di riferimento. Più che mai abbiamo bisogno di visioni ampie e ambiziose volte saper cogliere le opportunità del cambiamento.

Il che cosa riguarda in senso pratico quali sono le attività che vengono svolte per raggiungere la visione. Rappresenta l’allineamento progettuale rispetto alle ambizioni della visione. Si rapporta direttamente la definizione di ruoli, responsabilità e le relative competenze di natura tecnica e relazionale.

Il come riguarda i principi guida comportamentali alla base dello svolgimento nel quotidiano di dette attività. Sono gli aspetti che caratterizzano la cultura dell’azienda, il modo di fare, di pensare, di rapportarsi con le problematiche in cerca di soluzioni e opportunità di crescita.

L’ancoraggio necessario per gestire cambiamento e incertezza

Il perché, il che cosa ed il come sono aspetti fortemente interrelati che determinano concretamente la pratica operativa e strategica del progetto aziendale e costituiscono, nella loro sinergia e integrazione coerente, quell’ancoraggio che crea un senso di significato e di coinvolgimento indispensabili per gestire le turbolenze del cambiamento e delle incertezze con cui ci confrontiamo.

Un progetto aziendale definito su queste basi permette anche di impostare al meglio aspetti di gestione delle risorse umane fornendo basi strutturali per vivere il cambiamento dal punto di vista di opportunità di crescita:

  • definire i contorni di un sistema efficace ed efficiente di ricerca e selezione di personale;
  • impostare percorsi di carriera che sappiano rapportare competenze individuali tecniche e relazionali rispetto a quanto richiesto dai ruoli che alimentano le dinamiche operative e strategiche del progetto aziendale;
  • definire percorsi formativi il cui significato si rapporta direttamente con la crescita individuale integrata a quella aziendale e contribuire fattivamente ad alimentare tutte queste dinamiche con oggettività legata ad obiettivi individuali sinergici rispetto a quelli aziendali: un’identità aziendale ben definita nella sua progettualità favorisce l’emergere e l’utilizzo di sistemi di feedback e valutazione della prestazione lavorativa che sono strumenti di orientamento fondamentali all’interno di contesti di cambiamento e incertezza.

Se facciamo attenzione alla realtà di aziende internazionali e nazionali che stanno crescendo in questi periodi di complessità possiamo notare quanto queste utilizzino la leva dell’identità per evolversi. In questo senso è importante ricordare che questa leva è alla portata di qualsiasi azienda, non importa la dimensione o il settore, serve solo consapevolezza e determinazione nell’identificarla e valorizzarla per creare quel senso di progettualità e significato di cui tutti noi abbiamo bisogno per dare il nostro meglio

Articolo originale pubblicato su: https://www.nubesshr.com/identita-aziendale-leva-di-crescita-organizzativa-e-individuale/

Synergy Pathways leads Itaind Tech’s Team Building activities at Cafe Elba Alibag – India

A two days (25 and 26/1/2021) Team Building activity was held at Synergy Pathways base in Alibag – India, Cafe’ Elba, with Itaind Tech team members. During the last few months  Synergy Pathways has brought forward the entire formation process of the IT Services company located in Pune.

It is pleasure to foster individual and organizational growth through the active cooperation of talented people driven by a common inspiring vision relevant to an ever expanding business and technology field.

( pictures at this link )