Itaind Tech Pvt Ltd start-up celebrated in occasion of Diwali 2020

Together with colleagues from the Cifa Italia group of companies, on occasion of Diwali 2020 (November 14th 2020), we have organised a virtual party celebrating the start-up of Itaind Tech Pvt Ltd in Pune, India.

It has been an emotional moment of friendship connecting colleagues cooperating to innovative projects from several parts of Italy with the office in Pune. Families were also involved to highlight the family feeling of our extended visionary organisation set to increasingly make a difference in the Italian and International context of remote learning and working with unique tools that are set to particularly empower Small and Midsize Enterprises.

Diwali atmosphere of thankfulness, growth and prosperity has been the perfect shared social and cultural framework.

It has been also the perfect meaningful opportunity to celebrate Synergy Pathways’ ten years of exciting, successful activity focusing on unique, varied business development projects among Italy and India.

Stay tuned for developments.

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ItaInd project is fully operational at the Pune offices!

ItanInd is a unique project mixing Italian and Indian cultures from creativity and technological perspectives to generate powerful value innovation for 21st century education and training in various contexts. We will soon share with further details on the project as it unfolds.

For months we have managed, through an articulated International managerial and technical teamwork, to push it forward and open an operational office in Pune, India. We have managed and are managing through travel barriers and lockdowns in Italy and India to make all of this happen while safeguarding the health and safety of all of the people involved.

On October 1st 2020 we have celebrated  the opening of the office with the first technical group operational in Pune.

It is the beginning of great journey set to have powerful positive impacts on many lives. We are very proud of it, stay tuned for updates.

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Webinar: Sviluppo delle competenze e psicologia del potenziamento

Il 1 luglio Riccardo Paterni ha moderato un webinar della serie #illavorocontinua sull’argomento “Sviluppo delle competenze con la psicologia del potenziamento”. Il webinar ha stimolato l’integrazione di varie prospettive su formazione e competenze rese sempre più rilevanti dal contesto di cambiamento generato dalla pandemia.

Andrea Cafà (Presidente di CIFA Italia e FonARCom) ha introdotto e raccolto i temi del dibattito. angela amico (Direttore dell’agenzia formativa IterEgo Agenzia Formativa) ha evidenziato concetti chiave delle dinamiche formative attuali con una presentazione dal titolo “La formazione per le competenze e le competenze per la formazione”.






 Lorenzo Baldassarri ha descritto come il metodo della psicologia del potenziamento, sia utile al continuo potenziamento di competenze acquisite. Rino Piroscia (Presidente di Confsalform) ha focalizzato il suo intervento su efficacia e motivazione della formazione per competenze.

Chiara Meret (Ricercatrice di InContra) ha illustrato varie metodologie che danno struttura ed efficacia a progetti formativi e di sviluppo del capitale umano.

Il dibattito ha stimolato l’emergere di una progettualità che sarà evidenziata nel contesto di #illavorocontinua . A questo link il webinar

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Innovative tools to manage and develop Small and Medium sized Enterprises

On June 17th 2020 the series of webinars #illavorocontinua (work endures) (organised by Cifa Italia and Fonarcom) has featured a program on the topic “Innovative tools to manage and develop Small and Medium sized Enterprises”. The webinar has been moderated by Riccardo Paterni and has featured Andrea Cafà (President of CifaItalia and Fonarcom), Pierpaolo Vannucci, (CPA and expert on Innovative SMEs and start-up) presenting “Startup and Innovative SMEs: work for capital, Patent box and other tools” and Leonardo Frigiolini (Economist and expert in crowdfunding and financial sources) presenting “Complementary financial sources for SMEs to the banking ones”. 

The webinar has generated a marked interest: several hundred people participating and interacting both to the live session (for the first time also in live streaming on Linkedin besides the customary live streaming on Facebook and YouTube) and afterwards watching the recorded one hour program also available on YouTube at this link. 

President Cafà has pointed out how the information and tools presented during the webinar, to sustain financially the ideas and practices featured in previous events of the series (all available on  #illavorocontinua along with the relevant documentation), show the marked commitment of #illavorocontinua to concretely support the survival and growth of small and mid sized organisations within the context of change brought by the pandemia. 

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Organizational identity, business scenarios and strategies: the foundations for the restart

On June 3rd 2020, Riccardo Paterni has moderated and presented topics in a webinar part of the series (‘work endures’ the webinar has had over 1600 people watching live) together with Rodi Basso (Expert in Strategy and Business Development utilising his experience in relevant technical and managerial roles in Formula 1 and other motorsport series), Professor Paolo Aversa (Strategy Professor and Director of the Full Time MBA at Cass Business School – University of London) and Andrea Cafà, President of Cifa Italia and Fonarcom (organisations contributing to create, produce and promote the series of webinars).

Riccardo has pointed out the the key elements that form the organizational identity any organization need to have quite clear as key stable reference point in order to face current and future turbulent changes: vision, mission and values.

Rodi Basso has pointed out how different business scenarios can be identified and related to effectively by utilising approaches relevant to the dynamic motorsport field.

Professor Paolo Aversa has illustrated how strategies can be formulated by relating in effective ways to opportunities that can be generated or utilised readily.

Andrea Cafà has summed it all up by stating how these views and tools of action, together with the ones featured in other webinars pointing out relevant legislative and macro economics changes, can offer substantial opportunities for any kind of company to set a path not only of survival but also of growth in Italy.

Documentation relevant to the topics debated (in Italian) can be downloaded at the webinar archives section of . The webinar (in Italian) has been recorded and can be watched in its entirety at this link.

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On May 27th 2020, Riccardo Paterni has presented in a relevant webinar (more then 1500 people following and interacting live) of the series organised by Cifa Italia federation to share data, information and knowledge via the web production “Il lavoro continua” ( works endures ) during and post the pandemia.


Together with Chiara Meret ( Researcher Organizational Topics and Labor Relations – La Sapienza University Rome) and Lorenzo Baldassarri ( Functional Psychologist and Therapist ), Riccardo has focused on key topics of organisational identity, involvement and commitment in order to consistently generate the creative and innovative lasting effective solutions needed in this time of marked global complexity and change.

This is the first webinar of a new series by the above mentioned production that has been organised in order to stimulate lasting change for the survival and growth of Italian Small and Mid Size Entrerprises that form the backbone of the national economy.

Watch the full webinar at this link (webinar held in Italian language).

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RPM focuses on Silverstone Technology Cluster effective dynamics of growth

The founding vision, mission and values of RPM network consistently stimulate us to embrace learning from effective practices and proactively stimulate and apply new ways to leverage at best from our knowledge assets. It is within this mindset that we asked Pim van Baarsen, CEO of the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), to tell us about the cluster roots, present and future developments within the dynamics of the current COVID-19 pandemic. I have moderated the debate.

We thank Pim for accepting our invitation and for shaping up with us on April 29th a flowing informal video conference conversation. The dialogue with Pim during the conference pointed out some key factors that are essential in developing business within the industry, and business in general, more than ever within the present time of disruptive, uncertain and abrupt changes.

STC roots: the value of ecosystem research to stimulate public and private funding backing

In May 2016 was published an economic and technology research report by the title “The evolution of the high performance technology and Motorsport cluster”; the SQW organisation was commissioned by MEPC (a leading British property and business development organisation) to develop the research and Dr.Tim Angus (RPM UK Representative) had an active part in developing it. The study pointed out the historical roots of high performance engineering development that have been carried through in a region defined as “within an hour radius of Silverstone” basically in the middle of England. During World War II Silverstone was utilised as an airfield and the geographical area around it saw the development of many small and larger companies related to aviation engineering and craftsmanship. After the war several of those companies developed into Motorsport and shaped the Motorsport Industry that characterises the UK today. The detailed report was instrumental in stimulating UK regional government and private funding to support the economic growth of the area characterised by this historical engineering ecosystem, feeding the beginnings of STC. These engineering roots also have another marked characteristic that is still very active today in the area, diversification: technological expertise applied to several fields, not only to Motorsport, and STC identity springs exactly from these roots. (The executive summary of the report is available at this link)

STC special interest groups: widespread teamwork on specific topics

STC is therefore a UK regional cluster contributing to the economic development of companies (currently 120 members) that belong to that geographical area and that specifically intend to grow their businesses by enhancing their engineering expertises and capabilities; this in order to maintain and lead the pace of applied research and development within traditional and increasingly emerging engineering topics. For this reason STC has structured several Specific Interest Groups (focusing on varied topics such as Digital and Advanced manufacturing to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) each lead by a specific committee formed by cluster members. Interaction among members and participating non-members is stimulated by several events that areas hold yearly (21 events were planned for 2020 before the breakout of the pandemia).

STC managerial philosophy: synergising rather than competing in diversifying and growing

Pim pointed out that the majority of the companies that are part the cluster originate from Motorsport and then even progressively differentiated technologically into other fields and that at present only 20 % of the cluster business is linked purely to Motorsport. The growth of STC and the related businesses was possible thanks to a progressive switch of mindset within the companies involved: sharing ideas and practices to find solutions and grow has taken an increasingly stronger role. This has enabled the cluster to be perceived as a concrete potential source of problem solving solutions and projects involving clients such as Heathrow Airport or contributing to manage the current COVID-19 emergency which has showed the effectiveness of this approach.

Together with Pim we agreed that we can establish and intensify activities and exchanges between STC and RPM since we are driven by very similar values and purposes; we could also look at organising virtual events together in the near future in order to further strengthen exchanges and generate business opportunities between the two organisations

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Synergy Pathways leads a seminar on Motorsport Industry Culture and Careers for Indian University

We have been proud for the invitation t  speakers in an introductory webinar on the topic of Careers in Motorsport by the Mpstme Racing Team – Mumbai and the prestigious NMIMS University featuring Engineering and Business campuses across India.

Since its foundation Synergy Pathways has committed itself to stimulating career paths of young committed and talented people and in this program the focus is on Indian students and the Motorsport field.

The webinar has taken place on April 18th 2020 involving many students and relevant Motorsport and performance automotive professionals from India. We have delivered the interactive webinar focusing on the roots of the Motorsport Industry (historical ecosystems in Italy and the United Kingdom) evolving to the current sources of innovation and knowledge transfer towards other fields such as automotive, aviation, aerospace and medical. We have pointed out the challenges and opportunities offered by the relevant career paths.

The words of a student, Saif Khan, Pursuing a Bachelor degree (B-tech) in Mehanical Engineering and MBA in Technology Management at NMIMS, summarise at best the experience: “Attended the webinar today on Careers in Motorsports… it was very informative and an interactive session; got to know more about the different factors involved in motorsports…. different domains of the industry interns of technical and managerial roles. Discussed about the current situation and also about change of scenarios in motorsports due to the cover 19 and how the industry works on a global scale. There was a highlight of the room and need of development of this field in India.”

As Synergy Pathways we keep and enhance our long terms commitment to contributing to these kind of initiatives in order to support talented and committed Indian students to shape at best their careers leveraging at best upon the tools and paths offered by the universities they attend and will attend.

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