MindUp Enhancement Psychology for Indonesian kart driver Qarrar FirhandA

Riccardo, together with MindUp Enhancement Psychology method creator and business partner, Lorenzo Baldassarri, has begun an integrated mental training program focusing on two assessment sessions involving Qarrar Firhand (Indonesian, racing in the Italian karting championship) and Josue’ David Gilles Polo Zuniga (that recently completed the Italian Karting Federation Summer Camp in Sarno).

The program, as per protocol method, has been characterized by an innovative combination of several technological tools to gather and assess relevant data regarding the integrated cognitive, emotional, physiological and muscular/postural focus featured by MindUp Enhancement Psychology.

Next the elaboration and deployment of a customised mental training program to the specific individual needs.

Present at the Historic Mindardi Day 2022 from a unique perspective…

Riccardo’s friend Silvio Pederzini has driven his GRD S74 Hart engine (recently brought to a new life while completing a meticulous skilled restoring project) at Imola track during the Historic Minardi Day 2022. Stefano Cecconi, President of the Ruote Classiche Club Prato was present to our box. Oracio Pagani also came by. As usual the Historic Mindardi Day┬áis ‘must be there’ place for all of us passionate about motorsport in Italy and also beyond Italian borders.

More pictures at this link