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RPM focuses on Silverstone Technology Cluster effective dynamics of growth

The founding vision, mission and values of RPM network consistently stimulate us to embrace learning from effective practices and proactively stimulate and apply new ways to leverage at best from our knowledge assets. It is within this mindset that we asked Pim van Baarsen, CEO of the Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC), to tell us about the cluster roots, present and future developments within the dynamics of the current COVID-19 pandemic. I have moderated the debate.

We thank Pim for accepting our invitation and for shaping up with us on April 29th a flowing informal video conference conversation. The dialogue with Pim during the conference pointed out some key factors that are essential in developing business within the industry, and business in general, more than ever within the present time of disruptive, uncertain and abrupt changes.

STC roots: the value of ecosystem research to stimulate public and private funding backing

In May 2016 was published an economic and technology research report by the title “The evolution of the high performance technology and Motorsport cluster”; the SQW organisation was commissioned by MEPC (a leading British property and business development organisation) to develop the research and Dr.Tim Angus (RPM UK Representative) had an active part in developing it. The study pointed out the historical roots of high performance engineering development that have been carried through in a region defined as “within an hour radius of Silverstone” basically in the middle of England. During World War II Silverstone was utilised as an airfield and the geographical area around it saw the development of many small and larger companies related to aviation engineering and craftsmanship. After the war several of those companies developed into Motorsport and shaped the Motorsport Industry that characterises the UK today. The detailed report was instrumental in stimulating UK regional government and private funding to support the economic growth of the area characterised by this historical engineering ecosystem, feeding the beginnings of STC. These engineering roots also have another marked characteristic that is still very active today in the area, diversification: technological expertise applied to several fields, not only to Motorsport, and STC identity springs exactly from these roots. (The executive summary of the report is available at this link)

STC special interest groups: widespread teamwork on specific topics

STC is therefore a UK regional cluster contributing to the economic development of companies (currently 120 members) that belong to that geographical area and that specifically intend to grow their businesses by enhancing their engineering expertises and capabilities; this in order to maintain and lead the pace of applied research and development within traditional and increasingly emerging engineering topics. For this reason STC has structured several Specific Interest Groups (focusing on varied topics such as Digital and Advanced manufacturing to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) each lead by a specific committee formed by cluster members. Interaction among members and participating non-members is stimulated by several events that areas hold yearly (21 events were planned for 2020 before the breakout of the pandemia).

STC managerial philosophy: synergising rather than competing in diversifying and growing

Pim pointed out that the majority of the companies that are part the cluster originate from Motorsport and then even progressively differentiated technologically into other fields and that at present only 20 % of the cluster business is linked purely to Motorsport. The growth of STC and the related businesses was possible thanks to a progressive switch of mindset within the companies involved: sharing ideas and practices to find solutions and grow has taken an increasingly stronger role. This has enabled the cluster to be perceived as a concrete potential source of problem solving solutions and projects involving clients such as Heathrow Airport or contributing to manage the current COVID-19 emergency which has showed the effectiveness of this approach.

Together with Pim we agreed that we can establish and intensify activities and exchanges between STC and RPM since we are driven by very similar values and purposes; we could also look at organising virtual events together in the near future in order to further strengthen exchanges and generate business opportunities between the two organisations

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Synergy Pathways leads a seminar on Motorsport Industry Culture and Careers for Indian University

We have been proud for the invitation t  speakers in an introductory webinar on the topic of Careers in Motorsport by the Mpstme Racing Team – Mumbai and the prestigious NMIMS University featuring Engineering and Business campuses across India.

Since its foundation Synergy Pathways has committed itself to stimulating career paths of young committed and talented people and in this program the focus is on Indian students and the Motorsport field.

The webinar has taken place on April 18th 2020 involving many students and relevant Motorsport and performance automotive professionals from India. We have delivered the interactive webinar focusing on the roots of the Motorsport Industry (historical ecosystems in Italy and the United Kingdom) evolving to the current sources of innovation and knowledge transfer towards other fields such as automotive, aviation, aerospace and medical. We have pointed out the challenges and opportunities offered by the relevant career paths.

The words of a student, Saif Khan, Pursuing a Bachelor degree (B-tech) in Mehanical Engineering and MBA in Technology Management at NMIMS, summarise at best the experience: “Attended the webinar today on Careers in Motorsports… it was very informative and an interactive session; got to know more about the different factors involved in motorsports…. different domains of the industry interns of technical and managerial roles. Discussed about the current situation and also about change of scenarios in motorsports due to the cover 19 and how the industry works on a global scale. There was a highlight of the room and need of development of this field in India.”

As Synergy Pathways we keep and enhance our long terms commitment to contributing to these kind of initiatives in order to support talented and committed Indian students to shape at best their careers leveraging at best upon the tools and paths offered by the universities they attend and will attend.

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RPM network focuses on Motorsport Industry strategy development post COVID-19

On April 10th 2020 RPM network has had another video conference of its series this time focusing on the topic of “Motorsport Industry post COVID-19, perspectives generated by an organisational culture focusing on business models and business strategy”.

Speakers stimulating debate among the numerous participation of RPM members: Rodi Basso (Technology and business strategy advisor in Motorsport and beyond) and Paolo Aversa (Director of the MBA program at Cass Business School – London and researcher on Motorsport business strategy), moderator Riccardo Paterni.

The focus of the debate has been on approaches to manage at best the challenges set by the current pandemia and shape business development opportunties beyond it. This relates to both changes on organisational internal and external dynamics with the drive to utilise at best the levers of change that we can control.

In such regards external change can be analysed in relation to three factors: magnitude, frequency and predictability (all help us to frame present context and also make at best projections towards the future).

The operational and strategic approach to take focus on 5 key steps: 1) focus on health and safety; 2) focus on consistent meaningful – facts and data based – dialogue with personnel, clients, suppliers, reachable regulatory bodies; 3) focus on strengthening competence relevant to data gather, interpretation and use for decision making; 4) develop methodical ways to plot and shift dynamically different scenarios impacted by key variables; 5) develop the ‘so what?’ Strategic mindset relevant to the scenarios shaping up different business models and set the habit to refocus and refresh the scenarios and linked strategic approaches with a more frequent and consistent timing.

We have dialogued about the fact that this kind of approach can be fundamentally taken by any organisation also the small ones leveraging upon the tools, means and networks that are reachable: it is the entrepreneurial mindset geared towards finding opportunities for growth and development that makes the difference.

In terms of opportunities we have dialogued about three key main areas relevant to the Small and Midsize Enterprises as the ones that form RPM: 1) visibility: it is possible to gain public visibility if we manage to become involved in production of product / services useful to manage the pandemia; 2) time for action: because of the lockdown now more then ever we have the opportunity to focus methodically on strategy development; 3) time for change and evolution: the methodical strategic focus leads companies to better identify and leverage upon the very own competencies. It is important to note that we are not pointing out simply technical competencies, better yet also relational competencies, access to enabling networks, mix of competencies that enable the strategic and operational business in fields technologically related to Motorsport. In this regard we need to remember that Motorsport itself, by its historical roots, sprung technologically and in terms of business development from fields such as automotive, aviation, aerospace.

All in all it was pointed out that any strategy elaboration must leverage itself from the key foundations of vision, mission and values that comprise the unique identity of the organisation and set the essence for its development. Internal and external circumstances may sway the original trajectory but once that the ultimate engaging purpose of the organisation is well clear and defined strategy, through the perspectives above indicated, it becomes generated as a direct consequence.

The debate has continued with some concrete examples on how RPM companies are tackling the current complexities. What emerged is a proactive sense of drive set to find solutions for development leveraging upon consistent dialogue with clients, suppliers, federations.

RPM renews and strengthens its commitment to these strategic developments (essential part of the vision, mission and values set and declared openly since the very beginning of this project ).

We thank Rodi Basso and Paolo Aversa for their inspiring participation to the conference and we are working towards further shaping with them operational ways to implement for RPM members what we debated during the conference.

In the meantime the series of RPM virtual debates will continue with an upcoming conference featuring Pim Van Baarsen CEO of the Silverstone Technology Cluster and Tim Angus RPM representative in the UK. We will learn about the activities the Cluster is organising to face these complex times and learn how we can possibly establish operational and strategic ties with it. Stay tuned for updates.

We thank Cifa Italia for providing the techological tools to enable these RPM conferences.

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Drivers for a reality lived afresh inspired by meaningful conversations I listened to

I find very powerful the Instagram lives organised by Bologna Business School introduced this week by Andrea Pontremoli: he engages friends entrepreneurs and public personalities to share thoughts about what we are going through during these days. It is a powerful way to reset our mental models towards some key foundations that make a difference in terms of a better society and, almost as a consequence, better more sustainable business (in actuality the focus on business itself takes a backseat during these conversation and this is what makes them so powerful in stimulating liberating enlightening thoughts and actions). 

A few days ago Pontremoli engaged in a conversation with Guido Barilla CEO of the world famous food company. The emotionally charged meaningful dialogue focused on key harsh historical paths of change and development that Italy went through in the past while shaping a better future for itself. A strong humanistic commitment to value adding actives surfaced as a key corner stone of sound social and business practices: no matter what kind of external changes and disruptions any organisation, as any community, must always have clear in mind the foundations of vision, mission and values that represent a key reference stepping stone and trajectory of development. 


Yesterday, April 11th 2020, Pontremoli dialogued with Brunello Cucinelli, founder and CEO of the world famous luxury cashmere fashion brand originating from the medieval village of Solomeo in the Umbria region. Cucinelli instantly brought us in a unique almost mystical humanistic atmosphere inspired also by the XXXIII century tower he lives in. He is renown for the historical and philosophical studies he constantly quotes and relates to today’s society and business with a mindset of consistent enlightened positivity rooted in the wisdom of his farming roots. The conversation developed on a deep level of thought linked to an inner dimension of awareness and wonder connected to Nature. It was almost comical to realise how many people tried through their comments to steer the dialogue towards ‘what’s next for the fashion business’ ‘what’s next for business in general’, Pontremoli and Cucinelli continued to focus on a much more profound connection to the fundamentals that make anything else happen, change, evolve.

I like to share with you some conceptual notes that I drew from such dialogues; conceptual notes that can assume different meanings to us; yet to me represent some key stepping stones to a renewed afresh sense of reality that historically today we have the opportunity to share and contribute to shape.

Education beyond Training 

The ‘Why’ beyond the ‘How To’

Driven by Hope instead of Driven by Fear

The tremendous far reaching power of being a humble good person

Harmony with Nature beyond Sustainability 

Thanks to the Bologna Business School for the initiative and to Andrea Pontremoli for giving us the opportunity to share such thought provoking moments with his friends. Past and upcoming live conversations available at .

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Successful talented driver, engineer and entrepreneur: Bruce McLaren legacy lives on

Bruce McLaren not only was (and still is at statistical record), one of the youngest F1 talents and winners; he was the last F1 driver to win a Grand Prix driving a car carrying his name and developed also thanks to his engineering degree and skills. Besides that he was also an ambitious successful motorsport entrepreneur  winning key races and championships in Europe and the USA while competing in several categories with his own cars at the same time and even making his very own road supercar prototype. Too bad that all of this ended tragically too soon. Yet is legacy lives on strongly. This book tells a behind the scenes story about it all.

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Going to the roots of motorsport business research and development

During Austosport International 2020 (NEC Birmingham, UK) Riccardo Paterni (RPM VP Business Development), Dr Tim Angus (RPM Board Advisor and UK Representative), Giorgio Casolari (RPM VP Network Develpment) and Nicoletta Visconti (Pistal Racing CEO) met members of Coventry University’s Centre for Business in Society, which incorporates key individuals with world leading motorsport industry research expertise, including Professor Nick Henry , Dr Tim Angus himself and Dr Kevin Broughton. It has been very interesting and valuable to learn first hand about motorsport business roots and growth dynamics from the people that originated seminal research in the field twenty years ago and have been reviewing them since. RPM has close linkages with Coventry University and has strenghen them for the purpose to shape and sustain growth strategies for the network and its members within a motorsport business scenario in marked evolution.

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Representing RPM at the Motorsport Games 2019 in Rome!

It has been a pleasure to represent  RPM network  at the FIA Motorsport Games 2019 ( held in Rome and at the ACI Sport Vallelunga track from October 31st – November 3rd ) together with other companies and colleagues that are part of the network.

It has also been a pleasure to invite Massimo Donatelli, Responsible for Institutional Affairs at European Union Experts (EUE) to appreciate the relevant technical contribution of RPM companies to the Games ( at this link EUE full report on the events ).

In particular it has been a great experience to follow the successful developments relevant to the Formula 4 KCMG developed by Ycom ( here a full Ycom report on this unique project ).

Motorsport and an international perspective on things are two key reference points to my professional and personal life and I felt right in my center there! Stay tuned for developments…

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RPM General Counsel in Maranello, hosted by Andreoli & Co. Srl

On 19th September 2019 RPM had its second organisational General Counsel after the one held in Rome last April. The meeting was hosted at the headquarters of Andreoli & Co. Srl , a RPM member, in Maranello, the company has 36 years of experience spanning in designing, manufacturing and certifying components for motorsport, automotive and other strategic industries such as energy and the aerospace sector ( ). We thank Andreoli for their kind hospitality; it has been a pleasure to visit their facilities and gain a first hand feel for the breadth and depth of their projects.

Almost all of the current RPM members (coming from all over Italy) were present to continue to empower in action plans RPM’s vision and mission. Besides administrative and bureaucratic work on the agenda (current fiscal year budget report and approval), the focus of the meeting has been to review the characteristics and development of the RPM website (released last July in all of its functional and organisational characteristics) and on ways to expand national and international business networking in the field of motorsport and other technologically related sectors.

RPM presence to upcoming and future international trade shows and events has been discussed and defined in action plans. The focus on ongoing development of international relations in geographical areas and sectors suitable for growth has also been debated.

It has been pointed out that the core of the development of the network and its members resides in establishing a stronger reciprocal knowledge enabling the strengthening of ties already present among members and establishing new ones within the network and towards external entities.

The focus has to be on identifying and sharing at best the own unique competencies channelling them at best in order to pursue international business development and continue to pursue innovation projects. Specific organisational programs on this subjects are in preparation and will be implemented. Related to these purposes a survey has been approved for data and information gathering customised to tailor at best RPM and its members development needs. Upcoming entering members to RPM have also been announced. Stay tuned for updates relevant to all of the activities.

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RPM : Innovation through Italian Motorsport Industry Excellence

RPM (acronym for Rete Professionisti Motorsport – Motorsport Professionals Network in Italian) is a network of companies and professionals that promote innovation globally through Italian Motorsport Excellence.



From their recently released website:

“Innovation is at the heartof business success in the modern globalised knowledge economy. Italian firms are renowned for their innovative capability, particularly the innovatory capability  of the small and medium size firms (SMEs) that make up the backbone of the Italian economy. Within the global motorsport industry, Italy is well known as being one of the global centres for the  industry, with names such as Ferrari and Ducati being just two of the global players within motorsport that are based in Italy. At the same time, Italian SMEs working  within the motorsport industry are also world class in the quality of their  product and their innovatory capacity. RPM  has been formed to promote these Italian SMEs capabilities both within Italy and outwards to the world in the field of motorsport as well as in many others technologically advanced fields.”

At this link the Vision, Mission and Values of this formal network of SMEs operating in the from the Italian Motorsport Industry to the world 

Visit the newly released websiteto learn about all of the players and their latest news.

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