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New Global Business Models Enabled by Digital Technologies and Fresh Mindset. Introduction to an upcoming debate.

Digital technologies are multiplying the pace of change and the so called progress. Increasingly we talk about market disruptions, business models that have produced margins and sustainability for years now they keep getting replaced by new ones at a faster and faster pace. A key role that technology has within these dynamics is to boost the speed of the entire process influencing directly the way business models (from producer to user) are set. Interestingly within all of this people’s original ideas and visions still represent the essential sparks and foundations of it all: this is why arguably much before technology open visionary mindsets are relevant to progressive changes. We will debate about these topics from several perspectives during a debate held as part to the 2016 edition (the 7th one) of the University of Pisa International MBA.


This is an interesting article just published (March 2016) on McKinsey Quarterly “The essentials of digital strategy” , it points out in a clear way several new possibilities and opportunities shaped up by all of this.

The companies involved in the debate will introduce projects that are underway and that are leveraging upon both fresh mindsets with a global projection and the latest digital technologies enabling it all.

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Brain plasticity: it is a given science. Why don’t we use it enough yet?…

For years now the concept of Brain Plasticity has been pointed out and articulated at several levels, from the deep scientific one to the one suitable (for terminology and contexts) to a wider audience.

Featured herewith is a in depth interview to Dr. Norman Doidge that first published, in 2007, a book on the subject that got noticed also by the mainstream global media “The Brain that Changes Itself. Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science” (here an interesting review from The Innovation Journal).

By becoming aware of the potential we have to shape and develop our way of thinking in more positive and active ways, we have in front of us the choice to step-up our pathway to continuos self-improvement and success (defined in any which way most suits us).

This empowers us to be more effective in our daily lives as well as professional lives, it empowers us to embrace change and uncertainty as a way towards progress and growth rather than regress and doubt, it empowers us to give our very best of our experiences (our wisdoms and insights) at any age and, most of all, it empowers us to experience and fuel a sense of hope that needs to energise ourself and from us spread contagiously to others.

Why don’t we talk more about this topic rather than letting ourselves and many other people clutter and get the potential of our brains stuck?

We do always have a choice! Let’s become aware of it and constantly use it for a better future that it is always possible, no matter what; we just need to let our brains express the very best to find solutions.

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