Learning more about the Aerospace & Defence fields

From the board’s participation in the ANSER, AeroNautics and Space conference in Emilia-Romagna, to the presence of several Reti companies at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Turin, in recent weeks RPM has become further closer to the world of Aerospace and Defense.

The RPM board at the ANSER conference in Forlì

Last October 27, the RPM board composed of Francesca Paoli, Riccardo Paterni and Francesco Sedea participated in the event organized by ANSER, with meetings and interventions aimed at presenting the progressive evolution of the aeronautics and aerospace supply chain in the Emilia-Romagna region. Romagna with a national and global perspective.

The network companies present at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Turin

The RPM Andreoli & C. Srl and Deltatech companies (both are also part of the IR4i cluster) participated with their own stands at the Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Turin (from 28 to 30 November). Matteo Costariol representing GMA (RPM network company) and Riccardo Paterni, representing RPM and also Synergy Pathways – India also visited the event. It was a unique experience to further delve into this sector and also develop new contacts interested in RPM: the motorsport – aerospace – biomedical relationship is increasingly strong.