When change and uncertainty become empowering…

“Connecting the dots” (title of a must read book), is a meaningful saying that has found boosting power in Christian Busch‘s serendipity seminal research. The new bonus chapter from the original publication further boosts the current relevance Christian’s work: “Navigating Uncertainty: Connecting the Dots for a more Joyful and Meaningful Life“.

During recent months I have have enjoyed dialogues with Lars Behrendt  inspired by his thought provoking work on innovation (another must read book “Get Real Innovation”). His view on the topic focus also on opportunities arising from change and uncertainty.

Christian and Lars have a marked concretely uplifting vision of the human potential.

Herewith I further connect the dots by linking their vision within change and uncertainty to the empowering, scientifically driven practices that characterize MindUP – Enhancement Psychology method and protocol: data driven, performance focused.

Christian, Lars, thank you for you consistent inspiration; from your work I sense that you have several potential dots to connect. Lars and I are beginning to connect them with MindUP – Enhancement Psychology to push forward positive far reaching change for many people.

Let’s enjoy the journey!